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Weka and petrels: a reply

TitleWeka and petrels: a reply
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsHarper, GA
Type of Articleletter

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In the recent short note on weka (Gallirallus australis) predation of sooty shearwater (Puffinus griseus) chicks (Harper 2006), I suggested that small populations of petrels may be at some risk of extirpation through predation by weka. Hawke & Holdaway (2005) were quoted, in reference to the population of Westland petrels (Procellaria westlandica), but this recent reference was used solely as a current, and increasing rare, example of weka and petrels co-existing. The reference was not cited as an example of predation of Westland petrel chicks by weka, as incorrectly asserted. Indeed, it is encouraging to note that the adult survivorship and fladging success is high in the Westland petrel population studied, although even this paper highlights the threat of predators to small mainland colonies of Westland petrels and other petrels elsewhere (Cuthbert 2002; Waugh et al. 2006).

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