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Cunningham, J. M. (1948). Seabird mortality in February, 1947. Notornis, 2(8), 188-193.
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Cunningham, J. M. (1947). Number of Keas. Notornis, 2(7), 115-115.
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Cunningham, A. (1974). Kea observations in the Tararua Range. Notornis, 21(4), 382-383.
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Cunningham, J. M. (1951). Ringing in New Zealand. Notornis, 4(4), 77-82.
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Cunningham, J. M. (1966). The egg of the Long-tailed Cuckoo. Notornis, 13(3), 149-149.
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Cunningham, J. M. (1946). Knot Tringa canutus inland. Notornis, 2(1), 15-15.
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Cunningham, J. M. (1954). Three observations of fantails. Notornis, 6(2), 47-48.
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Cunningham, J. M. (1947). Oystercatchers at sea. Notornis, 2(5), 124-124.
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Cunningham, J. M. (1968). Black Shags flying with bills agape. Notornis, 15(2), 65-65.
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Cunningham, J. M. (1948). Distribution of Myna in NZ. Notornis, 3(2), 57-64.
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Cunningham, J. M. (1942). Some nesting biographies. Reports and Bulletins, 3(1), 64-65.
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Cunningham, J. M. (1946). A new Red-billed Gull colony. Notornis, 2(1), 12-12.
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Cunningham, J. M. (1949). Rearing of Long-tailed Cuckoo. Notornis, 3(7), 176-178.
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Cunningham, J. M. (1970). Stilts raising nests above flood waters. Notornis, 17(3), 237-238.
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Cunningham, J. M. (1948). Post-breeding flight of gannets. Notornis, 3(2), 37-37.
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