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Butler, D. J. (1986). Hybrid parakeet on mainland. Notornis, 33(1), 58-59.
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Burton, P. J. K. (1972). Some anatomical notes on the Wrybill. Notornis, 19(1), 26-32.
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Burton, P. J. K. (1979). Golden plovers settling on roofs. Notornis, 26(4), 360-360.
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Burrows, W. A. (1947). Mating of Pied Stilt. Notornis, 2(7), 149-149.
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Bull, P. C. (1942). Movements of Red-billed Gulls in the Auckland district. Reports and Bulletins, 3(1), 59-62.
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Bull, P. C. (1940). Hedgehogs and ground-nesting birds. Reports and Bulletins, 1(1), 32-33.
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Bull, P. C. (1987). Obituary - K.A. Wodzicki. Notornis, 34(4), 339-342.
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Bull, P. C. (1940). Pukeko ( Porphyrio melanotus ). Reports and Bulletins, 1(1), 32-32.
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Bull, P. C., & Gaze, P. D.. (1972). Bird Distribution Mapping Scheme. Notornis, 19(3), 267-270.
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