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Gill, B. J. (1980). Foods of the Long-tailed Cuckoo. Notornis, 27(1), 96-96.
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Gill, B. J. (2001). The directory of Australian birds. Notornis, 48(4), 245-246.
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Gill, B. J. (1977). Counts of birds from a car in the Manawatu. Notornis, 24(2), 75-81.
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Gill, B. J. (1983). Breeding habits of the Grey Warbler. Notornis, 30(2), 137-165.
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Gill, B. J. (1998). Birds of the World. Version 2.0 (1996). Notornis, 45(1), 75-77.
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Gill, B. J. (1983). April bird-counts at Ohau Gorge near Levin. Notornis, 30(4), 337-339.
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