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Booth, D. F. (1962). Mynas on Waiheke Island. Notornis, 10(1), 43-43.
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Booth, D. F. (1963). Territorial behavlour of nesting mynas. Notornis, 10(4), 188-188.
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Boles, W. E. (1985). Mouth-spots in nestling Fernbirds. Notornis, 32(1), 41-41.
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Boeson, B. W. (1964). Cattle Egret near Masterton. Notornis, 11(2), 135-136.
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Boeson, B. W. (1965). Seabirds found dead in New Zealand in 1963. Notornis, 12(3), 169-175.
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Boeson, B. W. (1964). Sea birds found dead in New Zealand in 1962. Notornis, 10(8), 404-411.
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Blanshard, R. H. (1962). Kaka [photo only]. Notornis, 10(3), 119-119.
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Blackburn, A. (1970). Roosting behaviour of Saddleback. Notornis, 17(3), 241-241.
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Blackburn, A. (1963). Bathing by Tui. Notornis, 10(7), 355-355.
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Blackburn, A. (1967). Predation of Tui in Fiordland. Notornis, 14(2), 70-70.
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Blackburn, A. (1963). Unusual nesting of fantails. Notornis, 10(4), 242-242.
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Blackburn, A. (1967). A brief survey of Cuvier Island. Notornis, 14(1), 3-8.
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