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Sibson, R. B. (1953). Another record of Hudsonian Godwit. Notornis, 5(4), 125-125.
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Woolley, B., & Woolley, B.. (2000). Another Spine-tailed swift. Southern Bird, 1(Mar), 11-11.
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Sibson, R. B. (1967). Another tattler in Manukau Harbour. Notornis, 14(1), 35-36.
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Barlow, M. L. (1979). Antarctic Petrels around Foveaux Strait. Notornis, 26(3), 313-313.
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Milius, N. (2001). Antarctic wildlife slide presentation. Notornis, 48(3), 184-184.
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Buchler, M. P. (1956). Anting by a Blackbird. Notornis, 6(8), 247-247.
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Heatherbell, C. (1992). Anting by an Orange-fronted Parakeet. Notornis, 39(2), 131-132.
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Black, M. J. S. (1960). Anting by Starlings at Rotorua. Notornis, 9(1), 12-12.
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Walker, L. E. (1961). Anting of Starlings and Chaffinch. Notornis, 9(4), 123-123.
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Holdaway, R. (2007). Apology. Notornis, 54(2), 120-120.
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Holdaway, R. (2007). Apology, new editor for Notornis, etc. Notornis, 54(4), 120-120.
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Gill, B. J. (1983). April bird-counts at Ohau Gorge near Levin. Notornis, 30(4), 337-339.
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Sibson, R. B. (1956). Arctic Skua chasing small passerine. Notornis, 7(2), 63-63.
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Fleming, C. A. (1958). Arctic Skua landing on beach. Notornis, 7(8), 236-236.
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Lewis, M. J. (1987). An Arctic Skua taking passerines at sea. Notornis, 34(1), 83-84.
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