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Wilson, K. - J. (2002). Westland birds symposium. Notornis, 49(3), 188-189.
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Wilson, G. J. (1973). Birds of the Solander Islands. Notornis, 20(4), 318-323.
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Wilson, R. A. (1957). The Royal Spoonbill. Notornis, 7(4), 107-109.
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Wilson, J. (2002). Pigeon bath-time. Southern Bird, 9(Mar), 7-7.
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Wilson, K. - J. (2001). OSNZ records in your custody?. Southern Bird, 8(Dec), 12-12.
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Wilson, K. - J. (2004). The second Australasian ornithological conference. Southern Bird, 17(Mar), 10-10.
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Wilson, R. A. (1955). Occurrence of Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike. Notornis, 6(4), 119-119.
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Wilson, J. A. (1993). Pied Stilts pursue an eel. Notornis, 40(3), 178-178.
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Wilson, K. - J. (2002). Scientific committee - annual report. Southern Bird, 11(Sep), 3-3.
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Wilson, K. - J. (1999). Birds of Canterbury Symposium. Notornis, 46(3), 405-405.
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Williamson, W. A. (1950). Nest of House Sparrow. Notornis, 3(8), 198-198.
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