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Gill, B. J. (1980). Foods of the Long-tailed Cuckoo. Notornis, 27(1), 96-96.
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Gill, B. J. (1998). Birds of the World. Version 2.0 (1996). Notornis, 45(1), 75-77.
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Gill, B. J. (1994). Natal down of the Silvereye. Notornis, 41(2), 147-148.
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Gill, B. J. (1999). Zoological Catalogue of Australia. Notornis, 46(2), 319-320.
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Gill, R. (2000). The Bar-tailed Godwit primer: Alaska to New Zealand. Southern Bird, 4(Dec), 5-5.
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Gill, B., & Barrow, K.. (2004). News from the OSNZ library. Southern Bird, 20(Dec), 6-6.
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Gill, B. J. (1977). Counts of birds from a car in the Manawatu. Notornis, 24(2), 75-81.
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Gibson, C. T. (1961). Bellbird attacking sparrows. Notornis, 9(6), 209-209.
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Gibbs, S. (2001). Off-road vehicle damage. Southern Bird, 8(Dec), 12-12.
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Gibb, J. A. (1970). Harrier chases and captures Blackbird. Notornis, 17(2), 95-95.
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