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Buchler, M. P. (1956). Anting by a Blackbird. Notornis, 6(8), 247-247.
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Buchler, M. P. (1978). New nesting site for Little Black Shag. Notornis, 25(2), 153-154.
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Buchanan, L. (1982). Oystercatcher's breast impaled by bill. Notornis, 29(4), 340-340.
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Buchanan, J. A. (1958). Spine-tailed Swifts over Rangitoto. Notornis, 8(1), 25-25.
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Brown, B. (1975). Sight record of a Dunlin in New Zealand. Notornis, 22(3), 241-243.
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Brown, B., & Habraken, A.. (1979). Whiskered Tern on lower Waikato River. Notornis, 26(2), 195-197.
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Brown, B., & Latham, P. C. M.. (1978). Grey Phalarope in the Bay of Plenty. Notornis, 25(3), 198-202.
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Brown, B., & Child, P.. (1975). Notes on a field trip to Fiji. Notornis, 22(1), 10-22.
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Brown, B. (1980). Colour-marked Turnstone in Manukau Harbour. Notornis, 27(4), 403-403.
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Brown, B. (1982). Unusual feeding of Red-billed Gulls. Notornis, 29(1), 77-78.
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Brown, E. J. (1949). Morepork returns to cage. Notornis, 3(4), 111-111.
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