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Anderson, S. I. (1947). Birds at Herbert, North Otago. Notornis, 2(4), 80-80.
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Anderson, R. A. (1968). Notes on the Snares Island Snipe. Notornis, 15(4), 223-227.
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Anderson, S. I. (1949). Little Owl raiding Starling's nest. Notornis, 3(4), 110-110.
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Anderson, S. (1993). Stitchbirds copulate front to front. Notornis, 40(1), 14-14.
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Allen, N., & Davidson, J.. (2002). West Coast White-necked Heron. Southern Bird, 11(Sep), 8-8.
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Allen, G. G. (1984). Black-billed Gull food preferences. Notornis, 31(3), 224-224.
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Allen, N. (2002). Canterbury native hen. Southern Bird, 11(Sep), 2-2.
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Agnew, P. (1996). Australian Birds of Prey. Notornis, 43(3), 160-161.
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Adams, R. T. (1960). Wekas in Northland. Notornis, 9(1), 21-21.
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Adams, G. P. (1971). Wildlife survey of the Moturoa Islands. Notornis, 18(1), 43-49.
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Acres, A. (1956). Native bird life in a pine plantation. Notornis, 7(2), 61-62.
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