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Taylor, K. (1977). New Zealand Falcon eating carrion. Notornis, 24(3), 195-196.
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Teppen, T., Muse, C., & Muse, S.. (1981). A new sandpiper for Samoa. Notornis, 28(1), 34-34.
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Thomas, G. E., & Gill, M. B.. (1952). Notes on shearwaters. Notornis, 5(1), 14-14.
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Tily, I. (1946). The nesting activities of a pair of Blackbirds. Notornis, 1(10), 117-120.
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Tily, I. (1953). New Zealand wrens. Notornis, 5(6), 196-196.
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Turbott, E. G. (1951). Notes on Parengarenga Harbour waders. Notornis, 4(6), 122-134.
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