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Bell, B. D., Robertson, C. J., & Warham, J.. (2001). Obituary - Fred Kinsky. Notornis, 48(2), 127-128.
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Bell, B. D. (1960). The birds of Stephenson Island, Whangaroa. Notornis, 8(8), 255-256.
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Bell, B. D. (1980). Relaying of New Zealand Pigeon. Notornis, 27(1), 97-98.
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Bell, B. (2001). Twenty years of moult recording. Southern Bird, 6(Jun), 4-5.
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Bell, B. D. (1994). Obituary - Brian A. Ellis (1928-1993). Notornis, 41(4), 303-304.
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Bell, L. C. (1955). Notes on the birds of the Chatham Islands. Notornis, 6(3), 65-68.
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Bell, B. (2003). Report on the New Zealand moult recording scheme 2003. Southern Bird, 16(Dec), 6-7.
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Bell, B. D., & Blackburn, A.. (1960). The islands of Gisborne, East Coast. Notornis, 8(8), 244-246.
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Bell, W. (2000). Prickles and feathers. Southern Bird, 3(Sep), 6-6.
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Bell, B. (2003). Wanted: papers on New Zealand bird species. Southern Bird, 16(Dec), 11-11.
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Bell, B. D., & Zumbach, D. V.. (1963). Farewell Spit in September. Notornis, 10(4), 223-224.
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Bell, B. D. (1981). Common Sandpiper in South lsland. Notornis, 28(3), 160-160.
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Bell, B. D. (1976). Status of Great Barrier Island birds. Notornis, 23(4), 310-319.
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Bell, B. D., & Sibson, R. B.. (1959). Small tern at Wairau River bar. Notornis, 8(6), 165-165.
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