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Gaze, P. D. (1975). Brown Booby in Wellington Harbour. Notornis, 22(3), 253-255.
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Gaze, P. (2002). Falcons scavenging?. Southern Bird, 11(Sep), 5-5.
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Gaze, P. D. (1984). Yellow Bellbirds. Notornis, 31(4), 278-278.
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Gaze, P. D. (1973). Mynas on the Poor Knights. Notornis, 20(2), 166-166.
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Gaze, P. (1996). Bird Conservation: the Science and the Action. Notornis, 43(1), 57-57.
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Gaze, P. D. (1983). Song Thrush far at sea. Notornis, 30(3), 216-216.
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Gaze, P. (2004). Temporary decline of fantails in the Nelson region. Southern Bird, 20(Dec), 5-5.
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Geddes, D. (1983). Crested Grebes on frozen lakes. Notornis, 30(1), 21-22.
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Genet, R., & Guest, R.. (1976). Winter nesting of N.Z. Pigeon. Notornis, 23(4), 319-319.
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Gibb, J. A. (1970). A pigeon's choice of plums. Notornis, 17(3), 239-239.
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Gibb, J. (2002). Completing beach patrol cards. Southern Bird, 9(Mar), 10-11.
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Gibb, J. A., & Flux, J. E. C.. (1994). Rain-bathing by pigeons. Notornis, 41(2), 146-147.
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