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McKenzie, H. R. (1953). Virginian Quail in Wairoa, H.B. district. Notornis, 5(4), 123-123.
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Michie, R. H. (1949). Visit to a shaggery. Notornis, 3(7), 181-181.
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Stidolph, R. H. D. (1948). A visit to Farewell Spit. Notornis, 3(2), 64-67.
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Sibson, R. B. (1949). A visit to Hen Island. Notornis, 3(7), 183-188.
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Sibson, R. B. (1949). Visit to Little Barrier. Notornis, 3(6), 151-155.
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Sibson, R. B. (1947). A visit to Little Barrier Island. Notornis, 2(6), 134-144.
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Bayne, M. (1951). Visit to Milford Sound and Lake Manapouri. Notornis, 4(4), 68-68.
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Sibson, R. B. (1953). A visit to the Cavalli Islands. Notornis, 5(4), 110-114.
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Edgar, A. T. (1962). A visit to the Mercury Islands. Notornis, 10(1), 1-15.
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Johnson, M. (1952). Visit to Three Kings. Notornis, 4(7), 172-172.
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Studholme, E. C. (1948). Visitation of fantails. Notornis, 3(1), 3-3.
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Schweigman, P. (2002). VOC banding in Otago. Southern Bird, 9(Mar), 7-7.
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Warham, J. (1988). Vocalisations of Procellaria petrels. Notornis, 35(3), 169-183.
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