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Stidolph, R. H. D. (1977). Unusual feeding of Starlings. Notornis, 24(3), 193-193.
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Sparrow, S. C. (1970). Unusual feeding station of Tui. Notornis, 17(1), 67-67.
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Goffin, R. B. (1978). Unusual flock of Fairy Terns. Notornis, 25(4), 331-331.
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Schofield, R., & Schofield, S.. (2003). Unusual heron near Balclutha. Southern Bird, 15(Sep), 2-2.
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Blackburn, A. (1963). Unusual nesting of fantails. Notornis, 10(4), 242-242.
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McKenzie, M. E. (1967). Unusual nesting of New Zealand Dotterel. Notornis, 14(4), 220-221.
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Taylor, T. B. S. (1989). Unusual nesting site for Little Shag. Notornis, 36(2), 160-160.
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Tily, I., & Walker, L. E.. (1952). Unusual plumaged oystercatcher. Notornis, 5(1), 5-5.
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Jenkins, J. A. F. (1967). Unusual records of birds at sea. Notornis, 14(3), 153-153.
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Wright, A. (1973). Unusual sea-bird sightings in Otago. Notornis, 20(1), 72-72.
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Young, N. M. (1959). Unusual site for a Bush Hawk's nest. Notornis, 8(6), 164-164.
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Latham, P. C. M. (1986). Unusual waterfowl behaviour. Notornis, 33(4), 208-208.
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