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Drake, J. R. (1985). A macabre swallow nest. Notornis, 32(2), 94-94.
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Savell, A. A. (1950). Magpie carrying off unfledged sparrow. Notornis, 4(1), 13-13.
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Porter, D. (1993). Magpie kills and eats a Skylark. Notornis, 40(4), 246-246.
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Morgan, D. (2001). Magpie study. Southern Bird, 7(Sep), 5-5.
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Fordham, R. E. W. (1955). Magpies at Marakopa. Notornis, 6(4), 131-131.
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McCaskill, L. W. (1946). Magpies in New Zealand. Notornis, 2(1), 11-11.
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Roberts, R. V. (1954). The Mahuki gannet colony. Notornis, 5(8), 242-242.
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Hamilton, W. M. (1950). Mahuki gannetry, Great Barrier. Notornis, 4(2), 26-26.
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Wilson, K. (2000). Mainland muttonbirds. Southern Bird, 1(Mar), 4-5.
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Taylor, R. H. (1969). Male Bellbirds locked in combat. Notornis, 16(1), 63-63.
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Sedgwick, E. H. (1955). Mana Island birds. Notornis, 6(4), 120-120.
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Pulham, G. (2001). Mangawhai census - November 2001. Southern Bird, 8(Dec), 7-7.
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Warham, J. (1991). The Manx Shearwater. Notornis, 38(3), 256-256.
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