Monday, September 27, 2021

Birds and bats of Rotuma, Fiji

TitleBirds and bats of Rotuma, Fiji
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsCibois, A, Thibault, J-C, Watling, D
Type of ArticleFull article
Keywordsbats, birds, Emballonura, Fiji, Myzomela, Rotuma

Rotuma, Fiji, is a small and isolated island in the Central Pacific, rarely visited by ornithologists. We present here our own observations on the avifauna, obtained in 1991 and in 2018, completed by previous records obtained since the 19th Century. The main changes on the species composition concern the extirpation of the white-throated pigeon and the settlement of the reef heron. The status of the four endemic landbirds (one species and three subspecies) is good, especially that of the Rotuma myzomela. However, the recent arrival of the common myna (2017–2018) represents a potential threat. We also observed that the Pacific sheath-tailed bat, which was abundant 30 years ago, has probably been extirpated from the island.

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