Saturday, January 29, 2022


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You can easily search for particular items by going to the Publications page and using the "Search Publications" field. Simply enter the text you wish to search for (e.g. falcon) and press enter or click the Search Publications button

The search will look for the text falcon in all fields (including author, abstract etc) and return all results.

This means that you can easily search for authors in this way (e.g. if you search for McKinlay - it returns all papers written by Bruce McKinlay and also one where his name is mentioned in a paper).

When the result is returned a warning appears below the search box (highlighted in red) indicating that the list is filtered - in the case of the falcon search it would say:

Search results for falcon [Reset Search]

If you wish to see all the articles again - click on the [Reset Search] link.

Note you can also use quotes to narrow your search: e.g. If you want to view only Southern Bird articles just do a search for "Southern Bird".