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Developing a broadcast system to attract New Zealand falcons (Falco novaseelandiae)

TitleDeveloping a broadcast system to attract New Zealand falcons (Falco novaseelandiae)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsHolland, J, Minot, E, McBride, N, Teng, J, Power, BL
Type of ArticleFull Article
Keywordsbroadcast system, Falco novaseelandiae, methods, New Zealand Falcon, vocalisations

It is difficult to locate and monitor populations of the New Zealand falcon (Falco novaeseelandiae) because the terrain they occupy is frequently inhospitable and the traditional method of walking transects lines to locate nest sites is arduous and time consuming. For this reason we developed and trialled a low-priced broadcasting system that amplifies pre-recorded vocalisations to attract falcons, which we then used to locate their nest sites. We tested the system on 20 falcons in the Kaingaroa and Pan Pac forests on the North Island. Both sexes responded but males responded more frequently. We conclude that the system can rapidly and accurately locate falcons in a large plantation forest during the summer breeding season.

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