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Changes in bird numbers in six Northland forests 1979 - 1993

TitleChanges in bird numbers in six Northland forests 1979 - 1993
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsPierce, RJ, Atkinson, R, Smith, E
Type of Articlepaper

A survey of birds in six Northland forests in 1979 was repeated in 1993, primarily to test whether numbers of New Zealand Pigeon had changed significantly. Counts of Eastern Rosella, Grey Warbler, Fantail and Tui had changed little. Counts of New Zealand Pigeon and Silvereye were significantly lower in 1993 and those of New Zealand Pigeon are thought to reflect long- term changes in abundance. Kaka and Kokako were each recorded in only one forest in 1993 compared with four and three forests respectively in the first survey. Pied Tit and Myna had significantly higher counts in 1993 than in 1979.

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