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Bioacoustic monitoring of New Zealand birds

TitleBioacoustic monitoring of New Zealand birds
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsSteer, J
Type of ArticleFull article
Keywordsbioacoustics, birds, monitoring, New Zealand, radar, spectrogram, technology

New bioacoustic technologies offer novel ways to monitor bird populations in the field. Bioacoustic techniques can greatly enhance effective field time, enhance survey site coverage, and increase quantification of key time periods such as crepuscular and nocturnal hours. Moreover, digital files provide searchable, independently verifiable records. Historical impediments to the use of bioacoustics have diminished with unit costs declining and data storage capacities increasing. Recent software developments enable rapid extraction of targeted bird calls and facilitate ease of data analysis. This paper details the recent application of bioacoustic technology at a proposed wind farm site in the upper North I, New Zealand. In this case, bioacoustics were employed as a supplement to on-site field observations and as a complement to avian radar technology. Results illustrate the utility of bioacoustic methods, highlighting the range and scale of potential data outputs. In addition to the detection of flight calls and song, audible wing flap noise may provide a further means of identification for some species. Targeted monitoring of migrant birds, cryptic marshbirds, and rare seabirds are identified as potential future applications.

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