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NZ, H. (1963). Royal Spoonbills [photo only]. Notornis, 10(4), 226-227.
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Nye, P. A. (1971). Song Thrushes feeding on mud snails. Notornis, 18(3), 211-214.
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Nye, P. A. (1975). Thrushes feeding on marine snails. Notornis, 22(3), 248-249.
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Nuttall, A. (1962). Whitefaced Herons feeding away from water. Notornis, 10(1), 44-44.
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Notman, P. R. (1985). Blue Penguin attacked by fur seal. Notornis, 32(3), 260-260.
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Notman, P. R., & Yeates, G. W.. (1992). Tomtit killed by a worm. Notornis, 39(1), 16-16.
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Norton, S. A. (1982). Bird dispersal of Pseudowintera seed. Notornis, 29(2), 91-92.
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Norris, B. N. (1966). Skua on the Sumner cliffs. Notornis, 13(4), 221-222.
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Norris, B. N. (1965). Caring for White-flippered Penguins. Notornis, 12(3), 185-186.
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Norris, B. N. (1968). Welcome Swallows nesting in Christchurch. Notornis, 15(3), 176-176.
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Norris, B. N. (1968). Giant petrels in Lyttleton Harbour. Notornis, 15(1), 43-43.
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