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Murray, F. (1947). Tui nesting at Clevedon, 1946-47. Notornis, 2(6), 131-131.
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Murdoch, C. (2008). Extinct birds of New Zealand spelling errors. Notornis, 55(4), 228-228.
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Munro, M. (1969). Welcome Swallows in Whangarei County, 1962/68. Notornis, 16(3), 198-201.
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Munro, M. (1971). Birds of Whangarei Harbour. Notornis, 18(3), 202-206.
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Muller, P. M. (1969). Wind and waders: Southland, January, 1969. Notornis, 16(2), 126-138.
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Moynihan, K. (1979). Falcons breeding in the Rimutaka Range. Notornis, 26(2), 180-180.
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Morrison, K. (1981). Stoat with kiwi chick. Notornis, 28(1), 56-56.
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Morrison, K. (1983). Grey-backed Storm Petrel on Routeburn Track. Notornis, 30(2), 108-108.
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Morrison, P. (1961). Westland Black Petrel [photo only]. Notornis, 9(6), 208-208.
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Morrison, P. (1961). Kakapo [photos only]. Notornis, 9(4), 130-131.
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Morrison, K. (1979). Bird observations on North Meyer islet. Notornis, 26(3), 317-317.
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