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Kross, S. M. (2014). Bird electrocutions in New Zealand. Notornis, 61(3), 170-173.
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Klink, P. V. (2002). Haast tokoeka sanctuary. Notornis, 49(3), 189-190.
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Kitchin, P. (2000). Moa killed off in 50 years. Southern Bird, 2(Jun), 4-4.
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Kirwan, G. M., & Collar, N. J.. (2020). Reflections on Thinornis rossii. Notornis, 67(4), 773-781.
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Kinsky, F. C. (1960). Bar-tailed Godwit and Knot [photos only]. Notornis, 8(7), 207-209.
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Kinsky, F. C. (1962). Little Owl [photo only]. Notornis, 10(2), 74-74.
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Kinsky, F. C. (1965). Plumage of black Fantail. Notornis, 12(3), 187-187.
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Kinsky, F. C. (1970). "Spotted Shags" in Westland. Notornis, 17(2), 102-104.
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Kinsky, F. C. (1962). Cook Strait Blue Penguins [photo only]. Notornis, 10(1), 28-28.
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Kinsky, F. C. (1957). Long-tailed Cuckoo and House Sparrow. Notornis, 7(4), 112-113.
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Kinsky, F. C. (1961). Red-tailed Tropicbird [photo only]. Notornis, 9(5), 166-166.
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Kinsky, F. C. (1970). Song Thrushes foraging on mudflats. Notornis, 17(1), 77-77.
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