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Dunedin, N. ' F. C. (1948). Birds on a twelve-mile walk. Notornis, 3(1), 24-24.
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Dunedin, N. ' F. C. (1948). Bird life at Puerua, South Otago. Notornis, 3(1), 12-12.
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Dunedin, N. ' F. C. (1952). An excursion to the Hermitage. Notornis, 5(1), 32-33.
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Dunckley, J. V. (1949). Birds west of the Waiau River. Notornis, 3(6), 163-164.
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Dumbleton, L. J. (1950). Bird ticks. Notornis, 4(2), 21-21.
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Dumbell, G. (1987). Trapping Brown Teal: a comparison of methods. Notornis, 34(3), 225-233.
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Drey, B. (1983). The nesting behaviour of a kiwi. Notornis, 30(2), 135-136.
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Drake, J. R. (1985). A macabre swallow nest. Notornis, 32(2), 94-94.
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Dowding, J. E. (1992). Seabirds crossing Stewart Island at night. Notornis, 39(2), 100-100.
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Dowding, J. H. (1987). A beach-wrecked White-naped Petrel. Notornis, 34(4), 325-326.
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