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Grant, P. (1960). Another Australian Barn-Owl in Westland. Notornis, 9(3), 110-110.
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Grant, P. (1989). A 1973 record of Chestnut-breasted Shelducks. Notornis, 36(4), 284-284.
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Grant, P. (1967). Yellowhammer attacking its own reflection. Notornis, 14(4), 225-225.
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Grant, R. L. (1952). Breeding of Grey Warbler. Notornis, 5(1), 31-31.
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Grant, P. (1959). Tiny terns in the South Island. Notornis, 8(6), 163-163.
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Grant, P. (1964). Little Egrets at Greymouth. Notornis, 11(2), 135-135.
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Grant, P. (1964). Cattle Egret near Greymouth. Notornis, 11(2), 86-86.
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Grant, P. (1961). Little Egret at Greymouth. Notornis, 9(4), 122-123.
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Graham, D. H. (1948). Bird life at "Sundrum", South Canterbury. Notornis, 2(8), 178-180.
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Graham, D. H. (1950). [Letter to editor] -Shining Cuckoo. Notornis, 4(2), 33-34.
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Graham, M. (2001). Shining Cuckoo arrival dates. Southern Bird, 8(Dec), 2-2.
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Gordon, A. (1979). White-faced Herons on Chatham Island. Notornis, 26(1), 46-46.
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Goodwln, A. J. (1966). Spotted Shags on the Coromandel coast. Notornis, 13(4), 220-220.
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Goffin, R. B. (1978). Unusual flock of Fairy Terns. Notornis, 25(4), 331-331.
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