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McCarthy, M. (2001). UK top twitchers. Southern Bird, 6(Jun), 7-7.
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Beckon, W. H. (1989). An undescribed form of owl in Fiji. Notornis, 36(2), 114-116.
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Jenkins, J. A. F. (1980). Unidentified terns. Notornis, 27(1), 67-67.
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Sibson, R. B. (1978). The unsexing of the Cape Pigeon. Notornis, 25(2), 149-149.
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Scarlett, R. J. (1961). Unusual death of Morepork. Notornis, 9(6), 210-210.
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Blackburn, A. (1984). Unusual display by Tui. Notornis, 31(3), 231-231.
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Macdonald, M. G. (1965). An unusual dotterel near New Plymouth. Notornis, 12(4), 212-212.
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Brown, B. (1982). Unusual feeding of Red-billed Gulls. Notornis, 29(1), 77-78.
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