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Yaldwyn, J. C. (1959). Name changes in the Moa genus Dinornis. Notornis, 8(6), 175-175.
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Edgar, A. T., & Grant, P.. (1969). Nankeen Kestrels in New Zealand. Notornis, 16(4), 288-298.
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Bell, B. D. (1958). Nankeen Night-herons at Blenheim. Notornis, 8(2), 52-53.
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Gill, B. J. (1994). Natal down of the Silvereye. Notornis, 41(2), 147-148.
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Saville, S. (2003). National Twitchathon 2003. Southern Bird, 16(Dec), 10-10.
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Acres, A. (1956). Native bird life in a pine plantation. Notornis, 7(2), 61-62.
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Sutherland, E. (1950). Native bird life, Popotunoa, Clinton. Notornis, 3(9), 242-242.
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McPherson, L. (2004). Natural history audio archives. Southern Bird, 20(Dec), 3-3.
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Williamson, W. A. (1950). Nest of House Sparrow. Notornis, 3(8), 198-198.
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Barlow, M. L., & Sutton, R. R.. (1975). Nest of Marsh Crake. Notornis, 22(2), 178-180.
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Child, P. (1958). A nest of the Black Stilt. Notornis, 8(2), 53-53.
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Langham, N. P. E. (1984). Nest of the Giant Forest Honeyeater. Notornis, 31(1), 29-30.
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