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Bathgate, D. A. (1960). More instances of anting. Notornis, 8(8), 265-265.
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Blackburn, A. (1965). Muttonbird Islands diary. Notornis, 12(4), 191-207.
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Boles, W. E. (1985). Mouth-spots in nestling Fernbirds. Notornis, 32(1), 41-41.
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Booth, D. F. (1962). Mynas on Waiheke Island. Notornis, 10(1), 43-43.
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Brown, E. J. (1949). Morepork returns to cage. Notornis, 3(4), 111-111.
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Bull, P. C. (1942). Movements of Red-billed Gulls in the Auckland district. Reports and Bulletins, 3(1), 59-62.
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Burrows, W. A. (1947). Mating of Pied Stilt. Notornis, 2(7), 149-149.
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