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McFadden, I. (1993). Gadfly petrel feeding on Lake Taupo. Notornis, 40(3), 204-204.
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Reed, S. M. (1975). Gannet diving on car. Notornis, 22(1), 79-79.
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Basley, P. H. (1951). Gannet with eel. Notornis, 4(4), 69-69.
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Hawkins, J. M. (1982). Gannets feeding behind trawler. Notornis, 29(1), 22-22.
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Scarlett, R. J. (1970). The genus Capellirallus. Notornis, 17(4), 303-319.
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of Conservation, D. (2004). Get your feet wet for whio. Southern Bird, 20(Dec), 7-7.
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Scarlett, R. J. (1970). Giant petrel from the Indian Ocean. Notornis, 17(2), 104-104.
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Jenkins, J. A. F. (1980). Giant petrel in Fijian waters. Notornis, 27(1), 95-95.
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Kinsky, F. C. (1959). Giant petrel [photo only]. Notornis, 8(4), 110-110.
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Purchase, D. (1980). Giant petrel records from Fiji. Notornis, 27(4), 406-407.
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Purser, D. R. (1952). Giant petrel recovery. Notornis, 4(8), 213-213.
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Ramsay, G. W. (1957). Giant petrel robbing Black-backed Gull. Notornis, 7(4), 115-115.
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