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Title Authors Year Volume Issue Pages
Foraging behaviour and success of Australian white ibis (Threskiornis molucca) in an urban environment N.J. Murray; P.P. Shaw 2009 56 4 201-205
Density and pair fidelity in a translocated population of North Island robin (Petroica longipes) S. McGavin 2009 56 4 206-212
Canopy and above canopy movements of birds on Whatupuke Island, New Zealand A.J. Beauchamp; K. Hansen; G. Pilon 2009 56 4 213-216
New Zealand falcon (Falco novaeseelandiae) distribution survey 2006-09 D. Bell; S. Lawrence 2009 56 4 217-221
Grey-faced petrel (Pterodroma macroptera gouldi) breeding on Little Barrier Island, New Zealand M.J. Rayner; B.J. Dunphy; T.J. Landers 2009 56 4 222-223
A Pycroft's petrel (Pterodroma pycrofti) in Papua New Guinea R. Pierce 2009 56 4 223-224
Description of a new subspecies of Coenocorypha snipe from subantarctic Campbell Island, New Zealand C.M. Miskelly; A.J. Baker 2009 56 3 113-123
Changes in the population size of North Island weka (Gallirallus australis greyi) during establishment on Pakatoa Island, Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand A.J. Beauchamp; J. Hanbury; R. Hanbury 2009 56 3 124-133
Cigarette butts form a perceptually cryptic component of song thrush (Turdus philomelos) nests B. Igic; P. Casey; P. Samas; T. Grim; M.E. Hauber 2009 56 3 134-138
Footedness in North Island kaka (Nestor meridionalis septentrionalis) S. McGavin 2009 56 3 139-143
Population trends, breeding success and predation rates of Hutton E. Sommer; M. Bell; P. Bradfield; K. Dunlop; P. Gaze; G. Harrow; P. McGahan; M. Morrisey; D. Walford; R. Cuthbert 2009 56 3 144-153
Two Late Quaternary avifaunal assemblages from the Dunback district, eastern Otago, South Island, New Zealand J.R. Wood 2009 56 3 154-157
The presence of ultrasonic harmonics in the calls of the rifleman (Acanthisitta chloris) C.R. Krull; S. Parsons; M.E. Hauber 2009 56 3 158-161
The cape petrel (Daption capense) around Mawson Station, East Antarctica: new breeding localities and population counts D. Wilson 2009 56 3 162-164
Some observations on the behaviour of the critically endangered orange-fronted parakeet (Cyanoramphus malherbi) on Maud Island, New Zealand L. Ortiz-Catedral 2009 56 3 165-166
Predation of lizards by black-fronted terns (Sterna albostriata) C.F.J. O'Donnell; J.M. Hoare 2009 56 3 167-168
Mound-builders T. Cope 2009 56 3 168-168
House sparrow (Passer domesticus) fails to develop claws L. Magon; J. Clark 2009 56 2 100-101
Abstracts of papers presented at the Ornithological Society of New Zealand AGM and conference, 30 May 2009, Orewa, New Zealand K.P.A. (ed.) 2009 56 2 102-107
Bowerbirds M.E. Hauber 2009 56 2 108-108
Cockatoos L. Ortiz-Catedral 2009 56 2 109-109
Conservation status of New Zealand birds, 2008: science or assertion? M. Williams 2009 56 2 110-111
Response to M. Williams C.M. Miskelly; J.E. Dowding; G.P. Elliott; R.A. Hitchmough; R.G. Powlesland; H.A. Robertson; P.M. Sagar; P.R. Scofield; G.A. Taylor 2009 56 2 112-112
Vanuatu petrel (Pterodroma occulta) discovered breeding on Vanua Lava, Banks Islands, Vanuatu S. Totterman 2009 56 2 57-62
The native forest birds of Stewart Island/Rakiura: patterns of recent declines and extinctions G.A. Harper 2009 56 2 63-81
Phylogenetic analysis of the 24 named albatross taxa based on full mitochondrial cytochrome b DNA sequences G.K. Chambers; C. Moeke; R. Steel; J.W.H. Trueman 2009 56 2 82-94
Bird deaths on Riverside Drive between Whangarei and Onerahi, New Zealand A.J. Beauchamp 2009 56 2 95-97
Westland petrels (Procellaria westlandica) off the coast of Chile P.A. Fraser 2009 56 2 98-99
Spatial variation in burrow entrance density of the sooty shearwater (Puffinus griseus) K. Charleton; C. Bragg; B. Knight; D. Fletcher; H. Moller; J. Newman; D. Scott 2009 56 1 1-10
Breeding biology of the New Zealand kaka (Nestor meridionalis)(Psittacidae, Nestorinae) R.G. Powlesland; T.C. Greene; P.J. Dilks; R.J. Moorhouse; L.R. Moran; G. Taylor; A. Jones; D.E. Wills; C.K. August; A.C.L. August 2009 56 1 11-33
Why did bellbirds (Anthornis m. melanura) return to New Plymouth, and why have they gone again? D.G. Medway 2009 56 1 34-39
Use of song to monitor North Island tomtits (Petroica macrocephala toitoi) at Atuanui, Mount Auckland B. Michaux 2009 56 1 40-43
Observations of bellbird (Anthornis melanura) aggression toward North Island rifleman (Acanthisitta chloris granti) in a translocated population S.J. Withers 2009 56 1 44-45
A very white-chinned petrel (Procellaria aequinoctialis) off Kaikoura C.M. Miskelly 2009 56 1 46-48
Combining morphometric and molecular approaches improves accuracy of sexing in the kakerori (Pomarea dimidiata) on Rarotonga, Cook Islands Y. Zhao; X. Kong; H.A. Robertson; E.K. Saul; L.V. Nia; C.H. Chan; G.K. Chambers 2009 56 1 49-53
Survival of breeding seabirds into the historic period on Huahine, Society Islands D.G. Medway 2009 56 1 54-56
Albatrosses P.R. Scofield 2009 56 1 56-56
Southern Bird Volume 40 2009 40 Dec
Southern Bird Volume 39 2009 39 Sep
Southern Bird Volume 38 2009 38 Jun
Southern Bird Volume 37 2009 37 Mar
Diet of kereru (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae) in a rural-urban landscape, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand K.L. Campbell; M.H. Schotborgh; K.J. Wilson; S.C. Ogilvie 2008 55 4 173-183
Monitoring grey-faced petrels (Pterodroma macroptera gouldi) in a restoration project on Motuora Island, Hauraki Gulf R. Gardner-Gee; M. Rayner; J.R. Beggs 2008 55 4 184-190
The New Zealand storm-petrel (Pealeornis maoriana Mathews, 1932): first live capture and species assessment of an enigmatic seabird B.M. Stephenson; C.P. Gaskin; R. Griffiths; H. Jamieson; K.A. Baird; R.L. Palma; M.J. Imber 2008 55 4 191-206
Southern royal albatross (Diomedea epomophora) dies from ingesting a porcupine fish P.F. Battley; P.J. Moore; S.J. Moore 2008 55 4 207-208
DNA sexing of the critically endangered New Zealand storm petrel (Oceanites maorianus, or Pealeornis maoriana) B.C. Robertson; B.M. Stephenson 2008 55 4 209-211
Aerial pursuit and predation of European goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis) by Australian magpie (Gymnorhina tibicen) A.C. Crossland 2008 55 4 212-213
Use of wind farms by Australasian harrier (Circus approximans) I. Stirnemann; G. Kessels 2008 55 4 214-215
DNA sequencing detects an additional museum specimen of the Chatham Island taiko (Pterodroma magantae) H.A. Lawrence; P.R. Scofield; C.D. Millar; D.M. Lambert 2008 55 4 216-218
Observation of an attack on a mature song thrush (Turdus philomelos) by a black-backed gull (Larus dominicanus) M.N.H. Seabrook-Davison; K.A. Parker; D.H. Brunton 2008 55 4 219-219