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Kokako ( Callaeas cinerea ) in the Hunua Range, Auckland, 1992-1994

TitleKokako ( Callaeas cinerea ) in the Hunua Range, Auckland, 1992-1994
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsGreene, BS
Type of Articlepaper
KeywordsAuckland, Callaeas cinerea, Hunua Range, Kokako, population survey

Five surveys for the North Island Kokako were carried out in the Hunua Range, Auckland between October 1992 and March 1994. Twenty six-28 Kokako were recorded, including 3 possibly 4 pairs. Results suggest that there has been a decline in Kokako numbers since the previous survey in 1986-1988. All Kokako were recorded in tawa-podocarp forest. The birds ranged in altitude between 320m and 640m. Birds were distributed in the following catchments: Mangatangi (13 birds), Mangatawhiri (12 birds), Orere (2 birds), Tapapakanga (1 bird). Nearly all records (65%) were of birds heard rather than seen. Two pairs were seen.

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